Honda SRS Airbag Reset OBII Reset

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Honda SRS Airbag Reset OBII Reset

SRS for Honda OBD Recovery Instrument 
(Supported for Honda Fit / Civic / SDL SRS control unit of the data recovery) 
This product has the following characteristics: 
1; safely and efficiently to restore data only SRS control unit for about 4 seconds; 
2; support all HOND A vehicles produced by the Department of Texas Instruments single chip microcomputer; 
3; solve this model has been to replace SRS control unit must be the world's problems, are only through the OBD port to resume data communication control unit SRS data, a high degree of intelligence. Easy and convenient operation. 
4; the use of safety control unit will not damage SRS system; At the same time, for Honda is the series to do the quickest SRS Data Recovery, the most safety equipment; Product 5 of this intelligence reached the advanced international level, domestic technology leader. Automotive electronics repair at the same time counterparts and the best car repair workshop equipment.

Specific steps are as follows: 
1, with the ignition key to open the ignition switch to "ON"; 
2, Miriam put into restore SRS forHonda car diagnostic interface OBD; 
3, for Honda SRS instrument restore electricity to about 4 seconds after, instruments will "drop" is called 3 sound, alarm sound stopped, this time to turn off the ignition switch "OFF" open to "ON"; at this time SRS malfunction indicator light to turn off

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